World Music From Uzbekistan With Monâjât Yultchieva

Samarkand – the Crossroads of Cultures and the all important station along the Silk Road. Hear the music of this exotic place as performed by the extraordinary Monâjât Yultchieva. See her in her native land and in concert.

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Trailer for the documentary "The Imploring Beauty"

Trailer from the Concert at the Theatre de la Ville, Paris

“I try to sing with my heart. Not with my voice, but with the agonies of my soul.” Monâjât

This DVD contains a one-hour concert and the documentary “The Imploring Beauty”

While listening to the extraordinary voice of Monâjât Yultchieva, this documentary takes you to the beautiful and legendary world heritage city of Samarkand - the Crossroads of Cultures. In the 14th century this opulent capital of Tamerlane (Timur) was an all important station along the Silk Road. You will see the turquoise domes of Samarkand’s mosques and the sparkling mosaics of its mausoleums accompanied by the music of the region.

In Tashkent, the “Stone City” and the modern-day capital of Uzbekistan, we meet and interview Monâjât Yultshieva. Her warm and solemn voice, reflection of her inner, sincere and emotional personality, sings the Maqqom in a haunting prayer. Monâjât takes us to to her native village, in the Fergana valley, on the border with Tajikistan.
Directed by Marc Bissot and Didier Maertens

Also included is a Concert from Theatre de la Ville, Paris

Monâjât Yultchieva’s marvelous mezzo-soprano voice, and her radiant and moving personality makes her the top female classical singer of Uzbekistan. In this concert, she touches a rare and secret place in our inner heart where songs become prayers, hymns and a form of homage, where music speaks the unspeakable.
Directed by Isabelle Soulard and Marc Bissot

NTSC Wide Screen 16:9
©2002 Polygone Onze - All Rights Reserved
Total Running Time: 103 Minutes

For the world music enthusiast, discover the extraordinary music of Armenian, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and Mauritania with this discounted set of five DVDs. Each DVD includes a documentary about the region and a 1-hour concert recorded at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris. These DVDs will give you a rich understanding of the music from each of these unique regions. While listening to the music discover the landscape, architecture, history and culture that has motivated these world class musicians. Click for more information about this collection.


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