World Music From Armenia With Armenian Troubadours

Learn about the Achugh – the traveling Troubadours of Armenia as we travel and discover its landscape, its people and its music. This DVD includes a concert with Yeghish Manoukian, a brilliant and accomplished player of the doudouk.

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Excerpt from the documentary "Trails to the Soul"

Excerpt from the Concert at the Theatre de la Ville, Paris

“water takes the color of its recipient” An Armenian Sage

This DVD contains a one-hour concert and the documentary “Trails to the Soul”

Located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, Armenia has maintained a Christian tradition since the 4th century. During this long history, Armenia has been subjected to invasions, persecutions, deportations and the first genocide of the 20th century. It suffered through 70-years of Soviet dictatorship and declared its independence in 1991. Today, nearly half of Armenian’s population live outside its borders.

Like the Achugh - the traveling Armenian Troubadours - this documentary follows the winding roads of Armenia to discover its landscape, its people and its music. The documentary features Yeghish Manoukian a brilliant and accomplished player of the doudouk, a double reed instrument popular with the people of Eastern Europe. Yeghish is accompanied by Agop Boyadjian, Mais Avoyan and Stepani Adgozian, creating a brilliant ensemble seeking the soul of Armenia through its still popular traditional music.
Directed by Marc Bissot and Didier Maertens

Also included on this disc is a Concert from Theatre de la Ville, Paris

In this brilliant performance Armenian Troubadours maintain the long tradition of the art of “Achugh”, the singing of epic poetry by local traveling troubadours. These poets and musicians sing chronicles for the people, spreading news and cultivating poetry. In this concert you can hear why troubadour lyric poetry has remained alive and popular with the public.
Directed by Isabelle Soulard and Marc Bissot

NTSC Wide Screen 16:9
©2002 Polygone Onze - All Rights Reserved
Total Running Time: 103 Minutes

For the world music enthusiast, discover the extraordinary music of Armenian, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and Mauritania with this discounted set of five DVDs. Each DVD includes a documentary about the region and a 1-hour concert recorded at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris. These DVDs will give you a rich understanding of the music from each of these unique regions. While listening to the music discover the landscape, architecture, history and culture that has motivated these world class musicians. Click for more information about this collection.


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