The Nomads Extreme Sports Collection (Four Volume Set)

For action sports addicts, this package of four discs presents 12 hours of amazing high action video. See gravity defying acts of daring on snow, in the sky and on water. Hear the stories of athletes looking to put their special skills to the test.
Snowmobile Madness
Big Mountain Skiing
Surfing, Wakeboarding & Windsurfing
BASE Jumping
Kayaking, BASE Jumping & Paragliding
Special on Four Discs
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The Nomad’s Anthem: “To experience cultures so rich in simplicity, to be consumed by a lifestyle, to live every second of everyday, to see and learn and to never say I can’t … “

With gorgeous rich, high action video footage the NOMAD’S series presents the select few who know how to live on the edge, exploring extreme sports lifestyles filled with adrenaline for the sport, the place and the competition.
In this series, meet world class athletes who comb the earth for the most challenging and remote spots to put their extraordinary skills to the test. When they find them, they give it their all, pushing themselves to the edge of perfection.

This package of 4 discs presents 16 episodes from the Nomad’s series:

Disc 1: Surfing, Wakeboarding & Windsurfing
Part 1: Wind and Surf on Maui
Experience the action at the premier windsurfing location in the world - Hookipa Beach, Maui, Hawaii - with World Champion, Kauli Seadi
Part 2: The Long Brothers Surf Odyssey
The Long Brothers are two renowned surfers with a long list of accomplishments in the surfing world.
Part 3: Wakeboarding Hero
World Champion wakeboarder Andrew Adkison takes viewers on a high-flying tour of the Florida wakeboarding scene.

Disc 2: Big Mountain Skiing
Part 1: British Columbia Boat Trip to Mount Waddington
Four athletes, from across the globe spend ten days aboard a luxury yacht in the pursuit of a once in a life time heli-ski experience.
Part 2: Heli - Ski Haines, Alaska
Haines Alaska, is the wild west of heli-skiing. It is the perfect location for this group of athletes to push the limits of their sport.
Part 3: Road Trip!
Follow a group of athletes as they load up an RV for the ultimate storm chasing road trip.

Disc 3: Snowmobile Madness
Part 1: Sub Zero: Snowmobile Madness across America
Sub Zero takes the best of snowmobiling across North America and combines it into one action packed hour of the worlds best free style riders.
Part 2: Freestyle Snow Cross (FSX) – Snowmobiles, Alaska Style.
The worlds best freestyle snowmobile riders tour in Alaska to perform for their fans.
Part 3: Montana Skiing with Snowmobiles
Embracing the new trend of using snowmobiles to find remote backcountry terrain four pro skiers head to Montana in search of epic lines.

Disc 4: Kayaking, B.A.S.E Jumping & Paragliding
Part 1: Kayaking Two Mighty Rivers of Africa: The Zambezi and the White Nile
This International group of professional whitewater kayakers are lured to these amazing and brutally challenging African rivers.
Part 2: B.A.S.E. Jumping: Existing on the Fringe.
Jumping (with a parachute) off of a building, a tall antenna, vast bridges and gigantic cliff faces - this is B.A.S.E jumping.
Part 3: Paragliding in a Mexican Paradise
Man’s endless quest to fly like a bird is realized in the extreme sport of Paragliding.

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Four Discs – 10 hours & 20 Minutes

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