The Nomads Extreme Sports Collection:
Snowmobile Madness

This action packed DVD includes 3 programs showing top athletes riding snowmobiles in gravity defying acts of daring. These action sports shows tell the stories of athletes looking to put their special skills to the test.
Nomads Snowmobile Madness
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The Nomad’s Anthem: “To experience cultures, to be consumed by a lifestyle, to live every second of everyday, to see and learn and to never say I can’t … “

With gorgeous footage and non-stop action the NOMAD’S series presents those few, select athletes who know how to live on the edge, exploring an extreme sports lifestyle filled with adrenaline for the sport, the place and the competition.

In this series, meet the world class championship athletes who comb the earth for the most perfect spots to compete – see those remote places where their extraordinary skills can be most successfully put to the test. When they find it, they give it their all, pushing themselves to the edge of perfection.

This DVD presents three episodes from the Nomad’s series:

  • Part 1: Sub Zero: Snowmobile Madness across America
    Sub Zero takes the best of snowmobiling across North America and combines it into one action packed hour of the world’s best freestyle riders. The riders journey to Valdez, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains in search of perfect snow, and die hard fans. Whether it’s free riding in the mountains of Wyoming or riding ramps in stadiums these athletes always push themselves to new heights. With Aaron Chase, Paul Basagoitia, Kyle Strait, Geoff Gulevich, Dave Watson, Richie Schley, John Cowan, Matt Brooks, Jared Gatska, Alex Forbes, Adrian Reach, Paul Edgar, Ryan McKenna.
  • Part 2: Freestyle Snow Cross (FSX) – Snowmobiles, Alaska Style
    The world’s best freestyle snowmobile riders tour in Alaska to perform for their fans. Long time pro Ryan Britt struggles to perform the death defying back flip in front of his home crowd while Nathan Moncrief copes with the struggles of being a newcomer. While touring in Alaska the whole group drives to Valdez, the home of extreme snowmobiling, for some fun in the deepest snow these flatlanders have ever seen! With Lee Stuart, Chris Burandt, Kourtney Hungerford, Jimmy Flood, Sam Carver, Shane Tesar
  • Part 3: Montana Skiing with Snowmobiles
    Embracing the new trend of using snowmobiles to find remote backcountry terrain; Cody Townsend, Will Burks, Daryl Treadway and Dan Treadway, four pro skiers head to Montana in search of epic lines. Battling bone-chilling temperatures, high winds, snowmobile break-downs and more, they are rewarded with huge Alaska style lines and 40 inches of legendary Montana cold-smoke powder.
  • Originally produced by Wink Inc for RUSH HD
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