The Nomads Extreme Sports Collection:
Kayaking, BASE Jumping & Paragliding

This action packed DVD includes 3 programs showing top athletes kayaking, BASE Jumping & paragliding. These action sports shows tell the stories of athletes who comb the world looking to put their special skills to the test.
Nomads Kayaking
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The Nomad’s Anthem: “To experience cultures, to be consumed by a lifestyle, to live every second of everyday, to see and learn and to never say I can’t … “

With gorgeous footage and non-stop action the NOMAD’S series presents those few, select and special athletes who know how to live on the edge, exploring an extreme sports lifestyle filled with adrenaline for the sport, the place and the competition.

In this series, meet the world class championship athletes who comb the earth for the most perfect spots to compete – see those remote places where their extraordinary skills can be most successfully put to the test. When they find it, they give it their all, pushing themselves to the edge of perfection.

This DVD presents three episodes from the Nomad’s series:

  • Part 1: Kayaking Two Mighty Rivers of Africa: The Zambezi and the White Nile
    Known for having the largest white water rivers on the planet, Africa easily entices this international group of professional whitewater kayakers to it’s amazing and brutally challenging rivers. They push themselves to the limit as they explore this mystical land. As the rivers go from remote desert areas to the densest jungles these extreme athletes face huge rapids and big holes – dangerous water that challenges and tests the best kayaker. But, it’s fun – a roller coaster ride on water and pure enjoyment. With Brad Ludden, Marlow Long, Dave Tiedge, Seth Warren, John Kiffmeyer, Brian Fletcher, Ben Brown, Steve Fisher, Dale Dardine
  • Part 2: B.A.S.E. Jumping: Existing on the Fringe
    Existing on the fringe – jumping (with a parachute) off of a building, a tall antenna, ominous bridges and giant cliffs – this is BASE jumping. Without limelight, spectators or competitions, see these extreme athletes push the limits of the human spirit as they dive from the tallest fixed objects they can find. Witness this fascinating, dangerous and still young sport. With Miles Daisher, JT Holmes, Jimmy Halliday, Erik Roner, Scott Freeland, Matt Whimmer, Captain Insane-O Wade, Ingrid Backstrom, Kip Garre, Clair Nicholas, Shane McConkey
  • Part 3: Paragliding in a Mexican Paradise
    Man’s endless quest to fly like a bird is realized in the extreme sport of Paragliding. See this group of cutting edge athletes in this sport – Mike Steen, Carson Klein and Demian Mcconnell – face the incredible air of Valle De Bravo, Mexico. These athletes also fuse paragliding with Base Jumping, and wing suites while displaying fantastic acrobatics in the air.
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