Discovering Antarctica
(3 programs one DVD)

Discovering AntarcticaAntarctica is known as Earth's last continent. Named by the ancient Greeks, circumnavigated by James Cook, and plundered by whalers, Antarctica remains unconquered. This DVD contains 3 programs presenting great explorations of Antarctica.

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Discovering Antarctica

Antarctica is known as Earth's last continent. Named by the ancient Greeks, circumnavigated by James Cook, and plundered by whalers and sealers, Antarctica remains unconquered.

A chance landing on the Antarctic shore a century ago has given rise to the greatest rush for adventure and knowledge the world has ever known. Yet Antarctica remains as daunting and forbidding a place today as it has ever been.

This DVD contains three programs presenting great explorations of Antarctica.

Icebound: 100 years of Antarctic Discovery
This program travels the wake of the legion of adventurers, explorers and scientists who have pitted themselves against the challenges of the most extreme environment on earth in a bid to unlock its secrets. With rare archival film plus new and spectacular footage it follows Amunsden, Scott, Shackleton and Byrd as they mount the first expeditions to the frozen continent.

Solid Water Liquid Rock
Ice and fire meet dramatically on the world’s most southern volcano – Antarctica’s Mount Erebus. This film is an adventurous journey from the base of the volcano 1,500 feet under the sea to inside the erupting crater at the summit - 12,500 feet above sea level. See this extreme landscape, revealed as never before.

South Georgia - Legacy of Lust
Remote, lonely and raw - the beautiful island of South Georgia is a mere dot in the great southern ocean. Surrounded by the super-abundant waters of the Atlantic and the Antarctic seas, outstanding breeding colonies of seabirds and marine mammals thrive. It has not always been this way, and of all the Antarctic regions, South Georgia has suffered the most. See how the world's greatest whaling empire left behind an inheritance of rusting remains, which the wildlife, with great resilience, has overcome.

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