Cosmic Vistas
Season Two

Discover how mysteries are being unraveled through the most beautiful images ever captured of our universe. From extreme close ups of our nearest cosmic companion the moon, to images of galaxies 15 billion years away Cosmic Vistas will show and explain how scientists are trying to get the big picture of existence.
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Hubble’s Canvas & Cosmic Vistas
(five space exploration DVDs)

With the most current imagery and cutting-edge science, this series explores the solar system with images so crisp it is like peering through a window at another world. These views help shape our understanding of our place in the Universe.
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Hubble’s Canvas – Volume One &Two

See the story of one of humankind’s most stunning scientific achievements. The Hubble Space Telescope has created striking images of breathtaking beauty that form a direct connection between the human spirit and nature’s most powerful forces.
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