Barbecue America with Rick Browne – Volume One

The guru of barbecue, Rick Browne travels the country in search of America’s best barbecue. Join him as he learns tips from the pros that you can use in your own backyard. Click here for information about volume two in the series.
Barbecue America Vol1
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This DVD includes four episodes:

“BBQ Goes Upscale”
At the prestigious Charlotte Shout! Culinary Exhibition in North Carolina, Grill Master Rick is invited to the stage alongside four and five-star chefs for a multimedia presentation befitting an Emmy Awards show. He follows a team of novice competitors from obscurity to fame with their rib-eye roast, then dazzles the backyard set with a Satay-Stuffed Pork Loin, Buttermilk and Bacon Hushpuppies and Grilled Corn with Chili-Butter and visits “hush- puppy heaven” at Bridges BBQ Lodge in Shelby, North Carolina.

“Meatless in Seattle”

Rick takes us to the famed Pike Place Market in Seattle for a unique barbecue competition that features fish and veggies. Chef Tom Douglas of the acclaimed Palace Kitchen fires up grilled vegetables, and the BBQ Guru takes a turn with Teriyaki Eggplant, Cedar-Planked Salmon and BBQ Lemons. And we watch them do what they do best in Seattle – throw 25 lb. fish across the market.

“Yan Really Can Cook”
With guest Chef Martin Yan, Rick lives it up in the City by the Bay, enjoying the throngs of shoppers in Chinatown, the pageantry of the Chinese New Year Parade and the history of San Francisco’s Chinese immigrants. Martin explains how the Chinese cook BBQ Pork, while Rick creates Peking Duck on a Can and a dessert of Barbecue Potstickers that leaves all awestruck.

“Orange You Glad?”
Paying homage to Florida’s state fruit and number one crop, the Grill Master visits orange groves with grower Squire Smith to learn the history of the colorful fruit and how the Volunteer Fire Department cooking team from Aubreyville, Georgia uses fruit in their award-winning recipes. Rick demonstrates his Bon Appetite Browne-Sugar Ribs and Citrus Sauce and visits Orlando’s Don Pepe’s Cuban Café where Ruben Perez prepares Latin American food with a tangy citrus touch. Be prepared for dazzling shots of Florida fauna and flora!

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