World Music From Pakistan With Chants From the Sufis of Sind

This DVD includes a documentary about the Sind region in southern Pakistan and its wonderful musical heritage. It includes a concert that features Sohrab Fakir, who was widely recognized as the greatest living Sindhi folk singer.
World Music From Pakistan
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Excerpts from documentary "The Mystical Ways of Sind"

Excerpts from the Concert at Theatre de la Ville, Paris

“Whatever you have in mind forget it; whatever you have in hand give it away; whatever happens to you, don’t avoid it.” Abou Said Ibn Abi’l Khair

This DVD contains a one-hour concert and the documentary “The Mystical Ways of Sind”

The Sind region encompasses the lower Indus valley and a part of the Thar desert in southern Pakistan. This desolate country with a fearful reputation is one of the birthplaces of civilization and a center for the invention of agriculture.

As we discover places of worship and shrines where one can still see the mark of the prime post-hegira mystics, we search for Sorab Fakir, the red bearded cantor. This region is where the people still worship the great Sufi poet Shah Abdul Lateef, who expressed so well the spirit of the human soul. Here, a loving woman is a symbol of the soul, restlessly searching for the eternal beloved. The musicians are virtuoso, their instruments fabulous and their music energetic and haunting.
Directed by Marc Bissot and Didier Maertens

Also included on this disc a Concert from Theatre de la Ville, Paris

The human voice is a mirror for the soul of the Sindhi people living in the Indus Valley of Pakistan. In this concert one can see and feel the colors, perfumes, joys, sadness and deep emotions of the Soufis from Sind. The message of the ancient mystic monks from the first centuries of Hegira lives on in this soulful and rich presentation.

This concert features Sohrab Fakir who was widely recognized as the greatest living Sindhi folk singer, until his death in October 2009. Noted Sufi vocalists and musicians Mirasi Ghulam Abbas, Mohammad Mirbahar and Mohammad Urs Batti perform brilliantly.
Directed by Marc Bissot

NTSC Wide Screen 16:9
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Total Running Time: 103 Minutes

For the world music enthusiast, discover the extraordinary music of Armenian, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and Mauritania with this discounted set of five DVDs. Each DVD includes a documentary about the region and a 1-hour concert recorded at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris. These DVDs will give you a rich understanding of the music from each of these unique regions. While listening to the music discover the landscape, architecture, history and culture that has motivated these world class musicians. Click for more information about this collection.


Sufis of Sind

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