Fantastic Plastic
(2 Episodes)

Fantastic PlasticPlastics are pushing back the boundaries to reveal amazing possibilities few can imagine. These programs investigate the remarkable world of plastics and takes an in-depth look at how these materials are created and what makes them so unique.
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In only a century, plastics have pushed back the boundaries of human capabilities, revealing limitless frontiers waiting to be explored.

Plastics are synthetic materials formed when small molecules are joined together to form huge molecular chains, called polymers. These extraordinary materials – largely taken for granted in the modern world – have penetrated every part of our existence. From aviation to military warfare, plastics are playing an ever-increasing role in shaping our future.

This DVD contains two episodes of Fantastic Plastic.

Episode One: “A Future Near You” takes an in-depth look at how these simple synthetic materials are pushing back the boundaries of medical science, and enabling pioneers in dozens of different fields to explore new frontiers.

Plastics are made by joining small molecules into long chains called polymers. They are designer materials – we can give them whatever characteristic we like – and we use them everywhere, to make cars, spacecraft, clothes, military armour, and even replacement body parts.

Around the world researchers are working to develop bioengineering to the point where they will be able to produce complete, made-to-measure replacement organs, and spare part surgery will be routine. Scientists are even working to produce a robot made with polymer muscles which act in exactly the same way as normal muscles.

Episode Two: “Magic Molecules” examines the serious concerns some researchers are voicing about the impact of plastics on our health and the environment, and show what is being done to combat these concerns.

This absorbing program begins in Australia, where it follows the grueling 1,900 mile marathon World Solar Challenge race across the isolated outback. It focuses on the Australian and Dutch teams as they battle it out with state of the art plastic solar-powered cars.

Plastics are not only pioneering land travel, they are also pushing the boundaries of space exploration. There will be a plastic emergency evacuation vehicle, the X38. This capsule will eject from the station and bring the crew down to earth using a massive nylon parafoil to slow the craft for a safe landing.

Find out what plastics have in store for us and how they will continue to influence our lives as Fantastic Plastic reveals the never-before-seen side of these miracle substances.

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