The Man Who Has Everything

The Man Who Has EverythingThe Man Who Has Everything is a program which combines reality with comedy and drama to demystifies the medicine behind a condition which affects millions of Americans each year — chest pain.
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The Man Who Has Everything is a one-hour program, directed by Keith Hunter, that will appeal to men and anyone who’s ever known one. It is a new and exciting format, which involves taking a fictional character on a factual journey.

George Allwell, played by Michael Hurst, discovers a heart problem. Much of what follows sees George interacting with real doctors and health professionals as he takes us on a medical journey. We find out what happens to George both physically and emotionally; and we learn along with him what faces the sufferers of one of America’s most common afflictions.

Alongside George’s “factual” experiences will be his fictional life. A wife, friends, children, his dead father; all appear to comment on his situation and to ensure that George’s journey isn’t just informative, it’s entertaining too.

By following George we gain access to the latest medical technology, theories and practices. We are able to ask the questions most of us forget to ask until after we’ve left the doctor’s office. Because we have access to George’s imagination, we are even able to ask the questions we’re too afraid to ask in real life.

Modern Medicine is often seen as an intimidating world — made inaccessible by impossible jargon. The Man Who Has Everything helps to change that. Without lectures, dry explanations, graphs or diagrams, we learn about illness through George, with a sense of humor and a good dose of curiosity.

This innovative program will appeal to a broad audience — anyone who has ever worried about heart problems, and who enjoys good TV. Most importantly, however, it will speak to men about an issue they might otherwise avoid.

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NTSC Widescreen 16:9 – Total Running Time: 48-minutes

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