Backstage Secrets: On the road with the rock band RUSH

Backstage Secrets 2DiscSet See what it takes to present the legendary band Rush during the 2008 Snakes & Arrows Concert Tour. It may seem like the most glamorous job, but being a roadie with a famous top-rated rock & roll band can be a grueling marathon of 18 hour days.
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Go behind the scenes to get a backstage look at what it takes to present the legendary band Rush during the 2008 Snakes & Arrows Concert Tour. It may appear to be one of the most exciting and glamorous jobs in the world – but being a roadie with a top-rated world-famous rock and roll band can be a grueling marathon of 18 hour work days, on an easy day. A bad is actually a couple of days, 40 hours spent hauling gear, assembling huge stacks of speakers, lifting them a hundred feet in the air, tuning instruments for demanding musicians and being cut off from every lover, friend and relative you have. This series takes you to the show you never see when you take your seat for a concert by the legendary band Rush. All the backstage secrets are revealed.

This DVD includes 5 parts on two discs including:

Part 1: Sound
Sure it sounds easy. Turn on some speakers and listen to the show. Well, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Everyone in every seat needs to hear the show equally well. That sound can be affected by the shape of the building, the temperature inside and even whether the audience is wearing long or short sleeves. And then there’s the show the band hears. Each member of Rush needs to hear different instruments at different levels at different times during the show.

Part 2: Lights
You don’t buy a ticket to hear a rock show; you buy a ticket to see a rock show. Of course that’s not as simple as turning on the house lights and sitting back. Lighting sets the mood for each song. That means lights are meticulously placed which isn’t that easy when each show is in a different building. Once they are set up perfectly, the must be directed by an artist who plays the lighting board like an instrument.

Part 3: Instrument Technicians
One of the most demanding and stressful jobs on the road is the instrument technician. Each one is charged with tuning and maintaining the magic wands these musical wizards wield. For the musicians to have a good show, their instruments must be perfect. Each night is an exercise in perfection for the four technicians on the Rush tour, guitar, drums, bass and keyboards.

Part 4: Lighting and Video
Let’s face it, not every seat is in the front row, but everyone pays for a ticket. That means someone has to make sure everyone gets a good look at the band. So each concert is also a television show broadcast on a 50 foot screen.

Part 5: Road Manager
Most of the road crew are responsible for making sure their area of responsibility is working. But one person has to make sure the whole thing works, every night in every city. The road manager is the conductor of this huge orchestration and you better believe he is on his game all the time.

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  • Cygnux

    I gotta tell you. This DVD was great! I was always the kid who watched the projector as much as I did the movie when we went to the theater and when I go to concerts, I watch the equipment and crew as much as I do the musicians. This lets me watch all that effort and talent close up!

  • To clarify —
    ONLY the new DVD-5 Version is available for purchase from the Longtail Distribution Network or from Amazon. The previous DVD-R version is no longer available.

  • Owen


    I just purchased this DVD this morning on this site. Will I receive the DVD-5 version or the DVD-R version?



  • The replacement DVD offer is only available to those who previously purchased this title. If it was purchased from our website, we only need to know your name, email address and/or ship-to address of the original purchase. If it was purchased from, we need some proof of purchase, such as the Amazon purchase receipt.

  • Steve Fournier

    I would like to purchase a copy of this and the link form Rush is a band said these were offered for $6.00 + S/H for a limited time !!
    It did’nt say that I had to have had a earlier copy !! Let me know please? The next Rush show I attend will be my 127th Show since 1975,have been to 5 Tour openers and was even interviewed for the filming of the Juno Awards Hall of Fame that was filmed in Nashville Area and Atlanta “Omni” before it was tore down>I met Geddy’s brother Allen Winerib who was filming or say producing this for the CBC !! Anyways we did make it in the dvd that came out on the Rush 30 dvd !!!

    Thank You…Steve Fournier

  • Dear Friends of RUSH,
    The Longtail Distribution Network has re-released the DVD “Backstage Secrets: On the Road with the Rock Band Rush”.

    This new release has been replicated onto DVD5 media with better quality video. The previous version, duplicated to DVD-R media is no longer available for sale.

    For those of you who were disappointed in the technical quality of the original release, for a limited period of time, we are making the newly released version available at our cost of $6.00 plus shipping. This is for all five episodes on two discs.

    If you originally purchased the DVD from or Filmbaby, please send a copy of your purchase receipt or any other reasonable documentation validating your purchased to We will then provide you with a password for the special page on our website built to accommodate this replacement pricing.

    If you originally purchased the DVD from the Longtail Distribution Network you do not need to provide a receipt. To validate your purchase we need to know the email address of the person who originally ordered the DVD or the address to where it was shipped. It would be helpful to also provide the approximate date of purchase. Simply write to us at with that information and we will then provide you with a password for the special page on our website built to accommodate this replacement pricing.

    If you cannot validate your purchase we are very sorry, but we will not fulfill your order and if you place an order on our password protected page, your purchase will be refunded and the product will not be shipped.

  • Ruby Quest

    This is a bunch of bull. What about the people who already bought the version with all the problems. You know, the one without the “better quality video”? Are they supposed to buy this all over again?

  • Marquis

    What options are available for the people who purchased this DVD set when it first hit the market back in September 2009? Many people spoke out regarding the poor video quality (“glitches”) and may be interested in exchanging their copy for this new and improved version.

  • Ed

    So are the ones being sold by the new “DVD 5” ones? There’s one listed with a release date of April 20:
    Is this it?
    The one that had been listed for some time now in the regular format is this one:
    Will you still be selling the old format?
    It’s not clear what’s what from the Amazon listing.

  • This program will not be released in Blu-Ray in the immediate future. However, we have just re-authored and replicated this series onto DVD-5 media. If you have a good HDTV set that up-converts standard DVDs these will look terrific. They are not of course provided as HDTV, but they look great.

  • Ralph Bose

    will there be Blu-Ray versions of Backstage Secrets: On the road with the rock band RUSH – TWO DISC Set?