Barbecue America with Rick Browne – Volume Two

The guru of barbecue, Rick Browne travels the country in search of America’s best barbecue. Join him as he learns tips from the pros that you can use in your own backyard. Click here for information about volume one in the series.
Barbecue America Vol2
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The guru of barbecue, Rick Browne travels the country in search of America’s best barbecue. Join him as he learns tips from the pros that you can use in your own backyard.

This DVD includes four episodes:

Sunshine State BBQ
Rick learns about eating high on the hog at Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ in Orlando, Florida.
Amid racing pigs, pie-eating and hog-calling contests, he gets a lesson from the Florida Boys barbecue team at Sebring’s Central Florida BBQ Fest and listens in on a last-minute debate as the team presents its pork butt for judging. Mahi Mahi and Fruit Brochettes are the menu du jour, cooked under the California sun at Rick’s “backyard kitchen of the season” at the La Costa Resort & Spa.

Steak Out
Our barbecue guru “steaks” out the Hold ’Em and Hit ’Em barbecue contest in Texas. A champion competitor teaches Rick the why’s and wherefore’s of Texas brisket. Then it’s off to California’s La Costa Resort, where he pops some rib-eyes onto the barbecue and wows chefs coast to coast with his Barbecue Raspberry-Blueberry-Blackberry-Apple Pie. Donning his professor’s garb, Guru Que (aka Rick Browne, Ph.B) calls Que-school to order for a lesson in barbecuing soufflés.

Que the World
Chef Browne embarks upon an international culinary adventure with Victor Torres, a
pitmaster from the Dominican Republic; super chef Cary Neff from Southern California’s
famed La Costa Resort & Spa who fancies Mexican cuisine; and the energetic Ruben Perez
from Don Pepe’s Cuban Café in Orlando who prepares Argentinean paella. Rick cooks up
Cuban Mojo Pork in a Paper Bag, Caribbean Blood-Orange Sauce and Grilled Fijian
Coconut and Mango Flan.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry
Wine is featured during Rick’s tour of Napa, California vineyards, restaurants and the
family-owned Peju Winery, where he samples fresh vintages destined for BBQ parties, with
assistance from Chef Max Duley, and discovers just the right wine to pair with grilled lamb.
At the Rutherford Grill restaurant, where four-legged friends are also welcomed customers,
Chef Sheamus Seeley presents Rick with a plate of knife-and-fork ribs and awesome grilled
artichokes. He then takes viewers to Southern California’s La Costa Resort & Spa, where he
fires up some Venison Medallions, BBQ Saturday Night Veggies and a quick dessert of
Grilled Angel Food Cake and Fruit Kabobs.

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