The Longtail Distribution Network will create for your review and approval without any upfront cash expense: 

  • An authored DVD
  • DVD graphics packaging
  • An edited promotional trailer (if not provided)
  • Aggregated meta-data prepared for multiplatform distribution
  • Digital files (transcodes) for multiplatform distribution
  • Promotion on various websites

The content provider must deliver:

  • An appropriately encoded digital file of the programs. 
  • Basic meta-data, such as the title, a short description and the copyright information.
  • If the program was previously distributed in the home video market, the product SKU number.

If available, the content provider will also provide: 

  • Music Cue Sheets (REQUIRED for on-line streaming services)
  • Print quality still photographs for use in the DVD package design.
  • Any and all promotional materials associated with the program or series including encoded on-air video promos, program graphics packaging, still images, etc.
  • A long description of the program and/or series
  • A list of credits and awards
  • Press releases or ‘clips’ from printed stories
  • A standard formate Closed Caption or English subtitle file
  • Any additionally available and appropriate meta-data.


File Format for Broadcast Quality Video:

    NTSC DV-25 in a QuickTime (.MOV) or Windows Media (.AVI) wrapper; provided on a PC formatted portable hard drive. If available include bars, tone and slate. Longtail can accept videotape in any format with a fair market upfront fee to encode. We have had some success transcoding quality DVDs of original programs.
    DV-100 in a a QuickTime (.MOV) or Windows Media (.AVI) wrapper; 720p or 1080/i/29.97; Audio encoded at the highest possible bit rate; provided on a PC formatted portable hard drive. If available include bars, tone and slate.

Other encoding specifications can be discussed.