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Welcome to Longtail. The distribution network that helps worthy programs find an audience.

The Situation:
Huge inventories of quality television and video content are sitting on shelves around the world. These programs either failed to attract a mass audiences, never really found their distribution niche, or are now considered too old to be of any value.
The truth, however, is that all quality programming has a potential audience—especially with changes that have rapidly transformed the media environment worldwide.

The Opportunity:
While broadcast and cable networks still serve a huge audience, that audience is becoming increasingly fragmented every year. At the same time, viewers are now seeking programming on a variety of rapidly evolving platforms. This creates significant new opportunities for many niche programs.

The Solution:
Through Longtail, PRODUCERS, PRODUCTION COMPANYS, CABLE NETWORKS and other content aggregators can now effectively accomplish multi-platform distribution to small but solid audiences with very little time, money or risk.

The Conundrum:
It takes time and costs money to prepare the video, gather the meta-data, create the packaging and close agreements with multiple digital platforms. In addition, each digital platform requires a different technical delivery and a different meta-data schema. With long tail content, where the cash returns are expected to be small for each program or series, the upside revenue opportunities are slim.

The Fees:
There are NO upfront fees or expenses
- If you succeed, we succeed!  The Longtail Distribution Network offers a robust solution to this conundrum with very little impact on your organization.  For NO upfront cash expense, Longtail will maximize the revenue opportunities in the expanding and rapidly changing long tail sales environment. 

You, the content provider, will enter into a single distribution agreement and provide a broadcast quality digital file of the program.  The Longtail Distribution Network will do the rest.  You get quarterly statements and a check.

A Minimum Distribution Guarantee:
The Longtail Distribution Network will guarantee DVD, DTO & DTR distribution of your programs at mutually acceptable retail price points on the Internet's big box store: and on this website with affiliate marketing support. 

Many platforms including HULU, iTunes, Re:Frame and many others curate or ‘program’ their services by selecting only the programs they consider best for their target audiences. The Lontail Distribution Network has relationships with many of these platforms and will make "best efforts" to place your content on as many revenue generating platforms as possible.

What we’re looking for. Longtail seeks high-quality television programs that are no longer being productively used in mainstream distribution venues—also, programs not yet being distributed on digital platforms. If you own or control distribution rights to such programming and want to find your long tail audience let's talk


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