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Jamake Highwater’s Primal Mind & Native Land

Two Programs on one DVD.
“This program is about some of the alternative ways of attaining civilization – different myths, different truths – even different realities. And it’s also about people who lived outside the western world who have some important lessons to teach us all”. – Jamake Highwater

Explore the differences in how American Indians and people of European heritage experience themselves and their environments. Through ritual dance, drama, and storytelling, Jamake Highwater traces the path of the nomads who discovered the Americas.

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The Creative Spirit
(Two DVD Set)

How do they happen – art, ideas, inventions, solutions, music, poetry? The Creative Spirit, a four part series, is an inspiring and entertaining look at creativity.

Through observation of creative people and places, we discover that creative solutions to problems begin with basic human qualities: passion, persistence, vision, caring and trust in oneself and others.

Creativity is not the exclusive domain of genius … it belongs to all of us.

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God in Government

This documentary explores the complex relationship between religion & politics in the contemporary world. With the United States as the focal point, and Iran, Israel and India as object lessons, the film asks fundamental questions like: What is the appropriate relationship between ‘church’ and state in a modern society?

To explore how the volatile mix of God in government has shaped policy and national identities abroad, the documentary crosses the world’s continents and cultures.
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Whose Death Is It Anyway?

A look at the human side of end-of-life decision making in an emotionally charged one-hour public television program that emphasizes the importance of personal involvement in decisions about one’s care at the end of life.

“This was a magnificent program… I want to refer my friends to see it. Thanks to you and to Dr. Synderman for producing such a wonderful program. It should be required to be seen in every medical school in this country!” – Karen Schoonmaker, Viewer, California
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The Everyday:
Benedictine Life at Mount Saviour Monastery

This documentary program presents the private and holy lives of monks living at Mount Saviour Monastery in Elmira, NY. It explores the monastic attitudes toward everyday secular issues like: faith, work, commitment and love.
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