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Canada 1812 Forged in Fire
Canada 1812 Le Baptême du Feu

6 episodes on 1 DVD.

The effects of the War of 1812 are still felt today. Heroes emerged in every theatre of war; heroes who helped shape the identities of two nations.
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Style In Steel
(Two DVD Set)

All 12 Episodes on Two Discs

The automobile is a powerful symbol that has stirred the dreams and ambitions of men and women for over 100 years. Cars created with ingenuity and passion remain even more alluring today. Style In Steel explores the complex roles that cars have played in our lives and celebrates the automobile and its enduring beauty.
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America’s Lost H-Bomb

In 1958, a damaged U.S. B-47 bomber jettisons a nuclear bomb off the coast of Savannah Georgia containing 350 pounds of conventional explosives and an undisclosed quantity of highly enriched uranium. The bomb’s explosive yield is 100 times that of the Hiroshima bomb. For weeks, the U.S. Navy and Air Force search for the bomb in the silty waters around Tybee Island. Deemed “irretrievably lost,” the 7,600 pound nuclear Tybee bomb is still out there …

The DVD includes an exclusive interview with Fmr. Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara.

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The Real CIA
Enemies, Secrets and Spies

From New York Times Television: “People think the CIA is a secret strike force of men in black, running around with hi-tech weapons, accountable to no one. that’s a myth – not reality. In this program, we’re going to examine the real CIA. We’re going to see how it’s been shaped by its history and we’re going to look at how it operates in a world of enemies, secrets and spies.” Tim Weiner, The New York Times
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Stolen Treasures

From New York Times Television: Every day, somewhere in the world, an archeological site is looted, often with an eye to find antiquities to sell in the big money market for Ancient Art. This hour weaves a mystery story of one work of ancient Egyptian art, looted and smuggled from Egypt, shipped through Europe and eventually sold in the United States. Based on a six-month investigation of The New York Times reporters Martin Gottlieb and Barry Meier, Stolen Treasures explores how this object passed through the shadowy world of the antiquities underground. As we tell the tale, we meet some of the world’s most notorious smugglers and learn how easily looted art can be had for a price.
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The African Burial Ground:
An American Discovery

This four part series is designed for in-classroom use by young adults. A general audience interested in the history of the African American experience in New York, urban archeology or social activism will also find these programs fascinating. See full description & trailer.

Jade Hunters of China

This program provides a fascinating insight into the men who gamble their lives by travelling through Western China’s Kunlun Mountains to find veins of jade. Jade is so valuable that unearthing a few profitable slabs can make one rich.
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