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Medicine at the Edge

From the edges of our atmosphere to the depths of the oceans, wherever mankind goes, medicine must follow. Activities that were once thought impossible are now commonplace, but not without risks, risks that must be managed with medicine.
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The Man Who Has Everything

The Man Who Has Everything is a program which combines reality with comedy and drama to demystifies the medicine behind a condition which affects millions of Americans each year — chest pain.
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Microbe Invasion

Just like the Earth itself, our body is a living planet, a network of ecosystems where bacteria are the dominant life form. Throughout life’s journey we are invaded and become host to an army of microscopic bugs – both good and bad.
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Body Wars

Something frightening is happening to the citizens of the developed world. Despite major advances in health care we are battling an epidemic of rare allergic and autoimmune diseases. This program reveals how increased hygiene may be the cause.
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Stomachs of Steel – sword swallowers

Stomachs of Steel presents the lives of sword swallowers – practitioners of the most mysterious and dangerous of all performance art. By using x-ray technology we go deep inside the bodies of the fearless people who risk their lives for their art.
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