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The Metropolis Organism

the Metropolis Organism comes alive before your eyes and within your mind. This new evolving medium, the enhanced eBook, is the perfect vehicle to bring to life a daring concept: cities are living, breathing organisms of which humans are necessary but unremarkable organelle.
Requires Adobe Reader 7.0 or later.

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Stolen Treasures

From New York Times Television: Every day, somewhere in the world, an archeological site is looted, often with an eye to find antiquities to sell in the big money market for Ancient Art. This hour weaves a mystery story of one work of ancient Egyptian art, looted and smuggled from Egypt, shipped through Europe and eventually sold in the United States. Based on a six-month investigation of The New York Times reporters Martin Gottlieb and Barry Meier, Stolen Treasures explores how this object passed through the shadowy world of the antiquities underground. As we tell the tale, we meet some of the world’s most notorious smugglers and learn how easily looted art can be had for a price.
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