The Nomads Extreme Sports Collection:
Big Mountain Skiing

This action packed DVD, includes 3 programs showing top athletes skiing the most extraordinary, rugged peaks. These action sports shows tell the stories of these adventuresome athletes as they put their special skills to the test.
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The Nomad’s Anthem: “To experience cultures, to be consumed by a lifestyle, to live every second of everyday, to see and learn and to never say I can’t … “

With gorgeous footage and non-stop action the NOMAD’S series presents those few, select athletes who know how to live on the edge, exploring an extreme sports lifestyle filled with adrenaline for the sport, the place and the competition.

In this series, meet the world class championship athletes who comb the earth for the most perfect spots to compete – see those remote places where their extraordinary skills can be most successfully put to the test. When they find it, they give it their all, pushing themselves to the edge of perfection.

This DVD presents 3 episodes from the Nomad’s series:

  • Part 1: British Columbia Boat Trip to Mount Waddington
    Four athletes, Stian Hagen, Andrea Binning, Phil Meier and Bryce Phillips, from across the globe spend ten days aboard a luxury yacht in pursuit of a once in a life time heli-ski experience. As the days go by and the weather refuses to cooperate their mental and physical stamina is put to the test. Their hosts provide a number of cultural experiences and fun activities to distract the athletes from their arduous wait. When the time finally comes to ski, the athletes skills are put to the test by less than desirable avalanche conditions; and for some, it is literally the run of their life.
  • Part 2: Heli – Ski – Haines, Alaska
    Haines Alaska, is the wild west of heli-skiing. It is the perfect location for this group of athletes to push the limits of their sport. X-Games gold medalists Reggie Christ and brother Zach dominate skier-X then head straight to Haines Alaska to experience the pinnacle of big mountain skiing. The trip is a long overdue reunion with childhood friend and freeskiing icon Kent Kreitler. Down days ensue and an Alaskan rookie, Jamie Pierre joins the team. The mountains are awe inspiring and the action is world class.
  • Part 3: Road Trip!
    Skiing deep snow is the ultimate goal of these big mountain skiers. Follow a group of athletes as they load up an RV for the ultimate storm chasing road trip. Deep snow, huge air and being stuck in a parking lot are all part of the package. The team begins in Utah, home of the lightest snow in the west, then move on to Squaw Valley for the storm of the century and plenty of face shots. This journey is the ultimate snow seeking road trip that highlights the diverse and dynamic mountains that the western United States has to offer, and shows how one good snow storm makes these locations the ultimate skier’s playground. Includes Athletes: Brant Moles, Shroder Baker, Lynsey Dyer, Jon Klaczkiewicz, Patrick White, Kent Kreitler, Rod Adams, Jeff Robertson.
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