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Canada 1812 Forged in FireCanada 1812 Le Baptême du Feu

Canada 1812 Forged in Fire
Canada 1812 Le Baptême du Feu

6 episodes on 1 DVD.

The effects of the War of 1812 are still felt today. Heroes emerged in every theatre of war; heroes who helped shape the identities of two nations.

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A Park For All Seasons Five Disc Set

A Park For All Seasons
Five Disc Set

A Park For All Seasons will take viewers behind the scenes of Canada’s most spectacular National Parks. Learn the history, explore the diversity and soak in the beauty of some of our planet’s most compelling natural playgrounds. Follow us to the most remote corners of the parks and uncover both the iconic and obscure. See how park authorities sustain several million acres of wilderness for adventure seekers.

The complete series of 19 half-hour programs plus the one-hour special on four DVDs.

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Whose Death Is It Anyway?

Whose Death Is It Anyway?

A look at the human side of end-of-life decision making in an emotionally charged one-hour public television program that emphasizes the importance of personal involvement in decisions about one's care at the end of life.

“This was a magnificent program... Thanks to you and to Dr. Synderman for producing such a wonderful program. It should be required to be seen in every medical school in this country!” - Karen Schoonmaker, Viewer, California

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World Music Collector’s Edition (Five Volume Set)

World Music Collector's Edition (Five Volume Set)

Never before released and exclusively available in the United States … Explore and discover the extraordinary music of Armenian, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and Mauritania.

Each DVD includes a documentary and a concert that features the musical tradition of one of these far away places.

40% discount when you buy all five at: $59.95

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Giuliano Bugialli’s Master Classes of Italian Cooking (Four Disc Set With E-Book)

Giuliano Bugialli’s Master Classes of Italian Cooking
(Four Disc Set With E-Book)

Born in Florence, Giuliano Bugialli is Italy’s foremost cooking teacher and food historian. This 4 disc set includes 3 video DVD’s with detailed instructions on over 40 dishes. Disc one includes an e-book with all the recipes and more.

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The Emperor’s EyeArt and Power in Imperial China

The Emperor's Eye
Art and Power in Imperial China

“Interweaving the history and culture of the time, this fine documentary presents traditional Chinese art for those who cannot visit in person." – Booklist

This spectacular film brings to light the priceless treasures of China's Imperial art collection, relating them to the political climate of their time. It is an unforgettable glimpse into another culture and another age.

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Wild Secrets – Collector’s Edition (Four Volume Set)

Wild Secrets - Collector’s Edition (Four Volume Set)

This four DVD set takes us with the Wild Secrets team on their global expeditions featuring fascinating creatures and the hidden beauty of nature. From grassy plains and remote jungles to the bottom of the sea.

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Police ForceFour Disc Set

Police Force
Four Disc Set

Battles are being fought everyday in the streets of our cities. It’s a fight between the criminals trying to gain control of our neighborhoods, and the law enforcement officers doing everything they can to maintain peace in our cities. We ride along with the men and women who brave the dangers of the metropolitan slums as they take down some of the area’s toughest delinquents while bringing peace and justice to the city’s they protect.

The complete series of 12 one-hour episodes on two DVDs

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Backstage Secrets: On the road with the rock band RUSHTWO DISC Set

Backstage Secrets: On the road with the rock band RUSH

See what it takes to present the legendary band Rush during the 2008 Snakes & Arrows Concert Tour. It may seem like the most glamorous job, but being a roadie with a famous top-rated rock & roll band can be a grueling marathon of 18 hour days.

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God in Government

God in Government

This documentary explores the complex relationship between religion & politics in the contemporary world. With the United States as the focal point, and Iran, Israel and India as object lessons, the film asks fundamental questions like: What is the appropriate relationship between ‘church’ and state in a modern society? To explore how the volatile mix of God in government has shaped policy and national identities abroad, the documentary crosses continents and cultures.

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